Let’s understand the concept of corporate advertising.
Corporate advertising, also known as institutional advertising, is advertising by a company or organization that attempts to create an image, address an issue or communicate with specific audiences, including a company's own employees, about matters important to the company.
Every business has its own struggle. Depending on the industry, each firm has different experiences. We have no idea when a crisis arises and business may affected. It’s uncertain and unpredictable. For a better understanding, let’s talk about Health Industry. In health, hospitals, educational institutions etc, included. When an unexpected issue takes place, the institution is answerable. And they have to keep their image as good as possible. Because, public opinion is the key factor of each business’s growth. As per the example, when an institution faces an issue, they are going to communicate with public or its own employees. This should be an effective one. Despite of the current situation, we have to turn it into a positive image. There comes the importance of corporate advertising.

Brandkee is an expert in corporate advertising. We help our clients to build a sustainable positive presence among the public as well as in the minds of its own employees. This will help the organizations/ institutions to cope with the barriers and negative vibes on their respective industry.

We redefine an organization’s image by creative advertising ideas and upgraded marketing methods to support client’s brands, products and services.