A logo is a printed symbol or design that a company or an organization uses as its special sign. Logo represents the company. In other words a logo is the identity of a firm. For example when we see the logo of an apple with a bite on electronic products we all know which company exactly is. That is the power of logo. Designing logo is not a casual thing. It is very important as the capital invested in business.

When the logo represents a particular brand, it adds value to the brand. Most of the time logo is used as the symbol of company's promise to the public, trust and loyalty towards the customers.

In olden days brands had struggled a lot to get public support and trust. But in this digital world with a meaningful logo we can create a positive impression on targeted audience or customers. For example let's look at the logo of Flipkart. Flipkart is an online sale platform. We all are aware and experienced the online shopping. When we look at the logo the color given is yellow and Blue which is a great combination. As the yellow shopping bag represents shopping, blue color contributes the professional touch to the logo. The first word of the brand name ' F ' is used in logo, which is worth appreciation. When we look at the two dots on the bag, and white color strap on the yellow bag, it creates a smiling smiley, which represents a happy customer or satisfied shopping. And the last not the least, f's one portion is not perfect. If we concentrate and see closely, it means fast delivery. See how magical a logo can be. There are more effective logos, and failed logos. When some company changes the logo, business increases, for some income decreases. It’s all depending upon the quality of logo.

Logo is everything to the business. Best logo better business. Contact the experts of Brandkee. A bunch of professionals are at your service.